Monthly Challenge

Challenge: Look Up

 This month we challenge you to face upward and explore.

Dream big and take shots of the stars, or keep it close by photographing the tree limbs above.
Check out the My Shot examples below for inspiration.


This challenge is part of our Guinness World Record attempt to create the world's largest toilet-paper-roll sculpture. It'll be built in the shape of a rocket! Learn how you can help set the record.

Tag your submissions #LookUpChallenge by Monday, May 1. 




This might be you during the Look Up challenge!



And these might be your shoes!



Check out these star trails.




Birds are perfect for photographing from below.



Get a worm's eye view of the world.



Trees make beautiful ceilings.



We love this persective!



It's a burst of color from above.





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Beautiful Bokeh

Bokeh is the blurry, out-of-focus part of a picture.

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