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Long Exposure Landscape

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Photo 175 of 272

Long Exposure Landscape

How to: 1. Choose landscape & go to Manual mode. 2. Set long shutter speed. I used 30 seconds. 3. Set wide aperture (whole landscape is in focus - wide = f/biggest numbers) 4. Set focus... (I used manual focus for precision). 5. Use a tripod and make sure camera is steady. 6. Shoot!

Tags: nature, night, water, lake, boat, light, summer, reflection, lights, reflections, lakes, sweden, midnight, #wildchildchallenge, this was my first long exposure, landscape and i'm pretty happy!!!, it took a lot of tries and, constant adjusting though -, play around with the settings!

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August 05, 2016

Yay!!! Thank you, moderators, for the award!




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