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I think there might have been some oil in the ocean water- because the sea foam was rainbow! But seriously, I didn't edit this to get the interesting colors. I also like how you can see the sand in some of the bigger bubbles.

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November 29, 2012

OHMYGOSH I love this pic it is amazing it is FANTASTIC FAVING (duh) this pic is amazing and you are a awesome photographer I love how you can see the sand through the bubbles, and I love the rainbow in the bubbles, and the fact that you did not edit.......... I just love it!!! this is just just just AWESOME I love it it is just awesome!!!

November 29, 2012

this photo is super unique! I love it!

A Thousand Words♥
November 29, 2012

Thank you bunches, I'm so glad you like my pictures (: And you're very welcome, your shots are beautiful Life is a Photo!

ஐҡïŧҡąŧ ɠųŗℓஐ
December 08, 2012

I really like this picture.... there is a lot of cool color in the bubbles! This is soooooo cool! Totally faving this!

Gods photographer
June 14, 2013

so cool.i love it.so color full

September 15, 2013

Love it! Love the colors and the different sizes of the bubbles! Fav! Can you check out my pics?

September 15, 2013

Sweet! Congrats on that award ; )




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