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B&W Flower

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Photo 102 of 125

B&W Flower

black and white flower

Tags: flower, black, white

Category: Black & White


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♥Miss Shutterbug♥
December 05, 2012

Very pretty. Nice job. Love the contrast

Life is a Photo
December 05, 2012

That's really cool!!! What kind of camera did you use??

♡ malia ♡
December 05, 2012

pretty <3 the pitch black background really makes the flower pop out at you :) nice

December 05, 2012

i used a canon powershot SD1300IS. it was originally in color, but then i used iPiccy.

December 25, 2012

the contrast is really epic!

December 27, 2012

Love the b&w!!

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