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Magic Brew

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Magic Brew

Bokeh style

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Sheepos like farm
January 04, 2013

OMG. i love that pic!!! how did you do that kind of technique?? what camera did you use?? check out my pics!!

January 05, 2013

Bokeh is a technique/style if photography. There is a youtube video tutorial The is no computer alteration done. This came right off the camera...one picture. I have a Canon T3. I was on fully manual to get the speed,aperture, and focus I needed. I taped an string of lights on a door, set up a table and arranged the cup. I lined up the tripod with camera. I turned off all the lights so the string of lights became my lighting. Last I used a flashlight to light just the tea cup. I used the smallest aperture to blur the string of lights...the other pic I did this way is the perfume bottle........seach youtube for the video using "bokeh photography tutorial" to see more amazing pics. Thanks for commenting :)

January 05, 2013

How did you do that? It's amazing, I love it! :D

January 11, 2013

see above comment :)

Tennis Lover
January 16, 2013

Amazing!I love that effect.




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