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I love this story. THe reason why i put a clay flower on the middle, the story has 12 girls and their names are based on flowers and plants. Can you guess what the book is?? If not I'll post another picture of the book.

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♡ malia ♡
January 05, 2013

nice picture! never read the book :) whats the name?

Sheepos like farm
January 08, 2013

If you seen the sharp 2 picture it's called entwined. And it's a book for teens

mr epic
January 08, 2013

what is it about ?

Sheepos like farm
January 10, 2013

well its about 12 princesses and they love dancing. I don't really want to spoil it but i'll give you one more... the subject is dark magic, family and love

mr epic
January 11, 2013

cool! I would love to read it

Sheepos like farm
January 16, 2013

Yes I did make the flower and its all blue! And I was thinking about been your fan

Sheepos like farm
January 17, 2013

Well I don't take art at school but I still like it and thanks for been my fan

January 22, 2013

did you do the picture of trapped in a mirror? i liked that one can i be your fan

Sheepos like farm
January 23, 2013

Yes I did the trapped in the mirror picture and yes you could be my fan and I'll check out you pictures


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