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Macro extension tubes are back!!!

Tags: nature, green, flower, purple, macro, weed, macro extension tubes

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Life is a Photo
January 24, 2013

I was wondering where you order your extension tube from??

January 29, 2013

Amazon. :)

Life is a Photo
January 30, 2013

Ok i got at the right place;)

January 31, 2013


Phoenix Fire
February 03, 2013

Do you have any suggestions for extension tubes? I'm going to buy some soon...

February 04, 2013

@Phoenix Fire- Check out my photo "Blue". I had a conversation with gecko there; might help you out. :)

July 14, 2013

it kinda looks like a flamingo if you look at it in a certian way

July 18, 2013

@PieFilms- I literally just "loled". xD

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