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Flower Petals

Photo by: etc1073

Photo 147 of 273

Flower Petals

my friend blowing some flower petals off of her hand

Tags: nature, flower, person, petals, blowing

Category: People


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Coronado Girl
March 08, 2013

Was the pic taken at the Cherry Blossom fest in DC?

March 10, 2013

Nice! I like the timing of this photo! Awesome pictures!!! Check out my photos of u want! 5 stars

March 11, 2013

Nice picture but all the people in the back ground are a little distracting.

March 11, 2013

@coronado girl-yes, I took this photo at the Cherry Blossom festival in DC a year or two ago! @ojwalker7-thanks! and sure thing! @cosmos-I totally agree, I wish I had blurred out the background a little more. maybe I could edit it that way....hmmm... well thanks!




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