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this is the lee mansion in Washington D.C.

Tags: history, washington d.c

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bird watcher
April 19, 2013

At Arlington? Pretty building on the outside. There's an interesting story behind it, actually.

Cat Lover
April 23, 2013

ya, at Arlington. I learned a bit about it but not much. I wanted to look inside, but it was closed.

bird watcher
April 26, 2013

It's pretty cool on the inside - mostly white, lost of pictures and civil war stuff. If my memory serves, it belonged to Robert E. Lee, who led the Confederate army during the Civil War - which is ironic, because he didn't actually support slavery, which is what the Confederates were fighting to keep. But his state was for it, and he wanted to stay loyal to Virginia.

April 27, 2013

Amazing so cool!




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