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Trust in the Lord

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Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord for he is GOOD! :)

Tags: sunshine, flowers

Category: Nature


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April 30, 2013

His mercy endures forever :) Love it!

May 01, 2013

this is pretty!

May 01, 2013

This is beautiful. The way the front is blurring by, I'm guessing you were in a car. Where was this taken? The colors of the sky, sun and flowers blend nicely together. I like how the sun is more of a soft glow, and the mountains and hills faded in the background. Overall, this picture is truly amazing!!! :D

May 01, 2013

@KOjella, Yes, very true. @ByFaith, yes I was in a car ;) Thanks so much for commenting! :D

May 07, 2013

wow. what lens did you use, and what focal length? favoriting. (:

May 07, 2013

This is incredible! ...And His love endures forever! This is great!! :D Faving and 4 stars!

May 27, 2013

this looks so lovely!!....what flowers are they?!

November 07, 2013

Thank you @eyelashvper they are daffodils.

April 04, 2014

Beautiful! really, really like.


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